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Site Map for The Centre For Expressive Therapy

This is the site map for The Centre For Expressive Therapy. Please click on any of the page links below to visit the corresponding web page:

Home Page
Counselling Services
Counselling Services for Adults
Counselling Services for Children
Healing Retreats
Therapy for Therapists
Counselling Approach
Session Information and Rates
Therapist Presenter
Animal Assisted Therapy
Intensive Seminars
Expressive Play Therapy, a Holistic and Integrative Approach
The Mindful Play Therapist and the Dance of Transference/Counter-transference Level 1
The Mindful Play Therapist and the Dance of Transference/Counter-transference Level 2
From Traumatic Play to Creative Play, A Holistic Approach to Healing Trauma
Sand Play Therapy Seminars
Sand Play Therapy, a Healing Journey for All Ages Level 1
Images Of Healing in Sand Play Level 2
Sand Play Therapy Consultation Level 3
Expressive Play Therapy Methods to Help the Abused and Neglected Child
Expressive Play Therapy Methods to Help Children Who Have Suffered a Loss
Expressive Therapies in the Playroom
Addressing Transference and Counter-Transference in Supervision
Another Way of Knowing: Using The Healing Power of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy to Help Adults Meet the Challenges in their Lives
Consultation and Self-Care For Therapists Annual Retreat
From the Ground Up: Holistic Expressive Play Therapy with Traumatized Adults
Imagery and Self-Care: A Learning, Healing Retreat for Adult, and Child Therapists
The Playroom, the Children's Healing Garden.  A Safe Place in an Unsafe World

Individualized Seminars
Video Course - The Art and Science of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy,
                             An Integrative Approach to Healing Complex Trauma
Training Schedule
Consultation and Supervision
Personal Professional Development Retreats
Services for Therapists
Workshops in Other Locations
About The Centre
Contact the Centre
Travel to Parksville
Accommodation in Parksville
The Centre For Expressive Therapy on Facebook
Dr. Marie-José Dhaese on LinkedIn

If you have any queries about this web site, please email:  mariejose@centreforexpressivetherapy.com
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     Contact the Centre For Expressive Therapy

Marie-Josť Dhaese Ph.D., RCC, ATR, RPT-S, CPT-S
Phone: (250) 248-1290
  Email: mariejosedhaese@gmail.com
846 San Malo Crescent
Parksville, British Columbia
V9P 1S5