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About the Centre For Expressive Therapy

The Centre For Expressive Therapy was founded in 1990 to provide training for health care professionals as well as therapy for adults and children in a setting that reflects and supports the approach and methods I have developed.

The Centre is now located in San Pareil (Parksville area, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada). It is surrounded by the beauty of nature. The large garden has become an extension of the playroom and is evolving to be a haven for people and animals alike. The Centre backs onto the Englishman River Estuary (also a bird sanctuary) and is only a few minutes walk from the beach and forest of Rathtrevor Park.

My goal in setting up a therapy studio is to create a safe and protected space that facilitates the healing process and reflects its sacredness. I try to create a space where all my visitors, whether they come for learning or healing, are exposed to a nurturing, soothing and relaxing environment.

As you come through the gate and walk the path to the playroom, there is a sense that this building, which is surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers, is a cosy, protected space and is a part of the natural world. I have found nothing as powerful as the beauty of nature to soothe and heal the senses and help connect with body and spirit.

When coming into the studio, we are welcomed by the scent of lavender and lemon, the sound of the rain on the skylights, the light filtering through the filmy curtains. It is set up to accommodate many ways of being, many ways of expressing oneself, whatever age one might be: from quietly sitting in a comfortable chair and talking, to painting, making a sand play image, setting up a scene in the doll house and so forth. I am careful to not give too much stimulation and yet encourage creativity. I keep most of my materials behind curtains which we lift at the pace of the client. Each expressive therapy has its own area that can be gradually opened or closed so it can be adjusted to the client’s needs and the level of stimulation that suits him.

For clients with whom it is appropriate and who are comfortable with dogs, my co-therapists standard poodles have been the greatest source of soothing, healing touch as they wrap themselves around the child/adult, sit close by, intuitively finding just the right distance and amount of touch a person is comfortable with. This is something they learn to do from the time they are puppies. Of course they are close by, whatever the client may be involved in, providing that calm, relaxed and reassuring presence.

The Centre For Expressive Therapy is wheelchair accessible. Please note that it is both a scent-free and smoke-free zone. Please do not wear any scented products in consideration for those suffering from environmental allergies.

Food and accommodations are not provided. Accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to the simplicity of a provincial campground are all within easy access to The Centre for Expressive Therapy. Parksville area (also called Ocean Side) is a world class destination surrounded by endless beaches and rainforests.

The Centre for Expressive Therapy is an accredited facility offering unique learning opportunities that may earn professionals credit toward their educational goals (registration as a play therapist with BCPTA, certification as a child and play therapist with CAPT). Workshops, consultation and personal / professional development retreats are available for those in the helping professions.

The Centre has become a place of learning and retreat for clients and professionals from all over North America.

Counselling is available for individuals of all ages.  Follow-up and/or ongoing support is offered by phone as suitable.

Training and counselling can be conducted in French or in English.

Please click for Training options or Counselling options

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Marie-Josť Dhaese Ph.D., RCC, ATR, RPT-S, CPT-S
Phone: (250) 248-1290
  Email: mariejosedhaese@gmail.com
846 San Malo Crescent
Parksville, British Columbia
V9P 1S5