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The Art and Science of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy, An Integrative Approach to Healing Trauma by Dr. Marie-Jose Dhaese and Dr. Richard Gaskill

In this four part video series, Dr. Gaskill and I combine our expertise to explore and weave together current neurobiological research and the theory and application of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy, an integrative approach with a long and successful history of treating trauma in children. Its wide variety of attachment-based and body-centered expressive methods utilizing sensory experience, movement activities, and creative expression lend themselves well to the rapidly evolving knowledge regarding the effects of complex trauma.

Trailer from the video
 "The Art and Science Of Holistic Expressive Play Therapy,
an Integrative Approach to Healing Complex Trauma".

By enrolling in this 8 hour long online video presentation, you will have unlimited access to stream the videos at any time.

The online video presentation costs USD $45 with all proceeds going to a charitable fund providing therapy for traumatized children who would otherwise have no access to treatment.

To enroll in the online video presentation or learn more please visit:

This coming together of heart and mind creates a perspective that will benefit anyone dedicated to the healing of traumatized children. Please pass on this information to any interested colleagues.

Dr. Marie-Jose Dhaese, The Art and Science of Holistic Expressive Therapy

Marie-Josť Dhaese, Ph.D., RCC, ATR,RPT-S,CPT-S. Marie-Josť celebrates 40 years experience as a psychotherapist and 30 years as a consultant and international workshop leader in the field of expressive therapies, abuse, loss, and trauma. She has developed her own approach to healing: Holistic Expressive Therapy and founded the Centre for Expressive Therapy, an approved continuing education provider with the Canadian Association for Play Therapy and the British Columbia Play Therapy Association. Located on Vancouver Island, the Centre For Expressive Therapy has become a place of learning and retreat for clients and professionals from all over North America.
Marie-Josť Dhaese, Ph.D., RCC, ATR,RPT-S,CPT-S

Dr. Richard L. Gaskill, EdD, LCP, LPC, RPT-S, is the Clinical Director of Sumner Mental Health Center in Wellington,KS . In 2004, he was named a Fellow of the Child Trauma Academy for his work with Dr. Bruce Perry developing a neuro-developmental therapeutic protocol for preschool children. Dr. Gaskill has co-published a number of journal articles and book chapters on the neurobiological implications for play therapy and continues to conduct research, lecture, publish, and collaborate with Dr. Perry and the Child Trauma Academy.

Dr. Richard Gaskill
  Dr. Richard L. Gaskill, EdD, LCP, LPC, RPT-S
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