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Counselling Services for Adults  
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Counselling Services For Adults

My Approach to Counselling

As I accompany people on their journeys, whether in short term counselling or long term psychotherapy, I consistently come back to the belief that all human beings hold within themselves an innate kernel of wisdom. Just as every seed has inside it a germ that holds the capacity and drive to grow toward the light and to become whatever plant is coded within its genes, all human beings are born with the possibility and drive to grow into their potential. I call this potential the person's "true nature."

This true nature holds within it a capacity for self-healing that flows through and guides each part of our organism (physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual) each level influencing, interacting, and communicating with all the others.

It is my view that each client comes to my door with a unique combination of gifts, strengths and challenges. My primary focus is to help you remember and connect with your innate wisdom and your innate strength and resiliency. Then find your unique way of entering in conversation with it so you may connect with what you intrinsically know, with the aim of connecting with, strengthening and activating your emotional immune system, that can then activate the healing of the wounds you may have suffered.

As well as a life long commitment to personal / professional growth and being the best helper I can be, I bring to the process the knowledge, insights and skills I have learned and practised for the last 40 years of accompanying people of all ages, and close to 30 years of pioneering this approach to counselling and teaching it to other therapists.

Based on my philosophy and taking into account your most pressing needs and concerns, we will design and create together the kind of therapy that works best for you; your ongoing feed back is essential to its effectiveness. The therapy takes place in a soothing, relaxing and nurturing environment that holds many possibilities for self-expression and exploration that you will be most comfortable with and suits you best.

The Therapy Process

Most adults primarily use verbal counselling. The first step is to help you feel comfortable before beginning to talk about what is foremost on your mind. You may be sitting in the gliding chair by the woodstove with a soft blanket on your lap. Dauphin (my co-therapist standard poodle who attends the session if you wish) lying close by… At your pace and in your own unique way, you are then encouraged to share whatever may have brought you to counselling and thus begin to explore your thoughts and feelings. Gradually we can then shed a new light on the obstacles you have come across, as we engage in a conversation that encourages self reflection leading to a perspective that opens new possibilities.

Counselling Services for Adults

When and if coming upon more difficult issues that words cannot reach, we might then draw upon another way of knowing. You may then be guided to scan your body and reconnect with its wisdom and the information that needs to be brought to consciousness. We may use visualizations, guided imagery, different forms of image making such as using drawing, collage and sand play. Within the safety of the relationship we have established, these images are also reflected upon to find practical solutions to underlying issues we may have uncovered.

A very important step for change to take place, at times the most challenging one is for you to integrate your discoveries and resolves in your daily life, find ways to not only remember what you now know but to act on it.

Throughout this process, I encourage you to carve out a time in your day to be with yourself and remember to breathe. For many, doing something they truly enjoy, have easy access to and can easily integrate in their daily life works best (whether cooking, sewing, knitting, gardening, writing, photography, music, walking, yoga).

The frequency of our meetings and the length of each session depends on each client’s need and living situation. Regular meetings are recommended at the beginning of the therapy process. Each person is encouraged to find the rhythm that suits them best and can comfortably maintain.

For people who live far away and cannot attend on a regular basis, a combination of telephone sessions and healing retreats are also available.

How long the therapy takes will vary as each person’s pace and journey to healing is unique. Much will depend on where you are in your journey and the kind of help you are seeking at this stage of your life. It will depend on how long and persistent the obstacles and issues you are experiencing have been active in your life. For some, it is a temporary crisis, a recent loss or trauma that brings them to counselling. For others, the symptoms are more severe and persistent and stem from childhood traumas that cause recurring emotional pain, at times accompanied by chronic physical pain. Your present home life situation will also make a difference. Some people choose to bring their life partners into their therapy sessions, at some point in the process so they may better understand and support their healing process.

It is always an honour to witness and guide such a journey. Each time it reinforces my great respect and admiration for the resiliency of human beings, as I watch them learn and grow from the challenges they initially felt overwhelmed by.

My Areas of Specializations Include:

• Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)
• Accidents, illness and hospitalization
• Grief, loss, bereavement
• Life transitions (moves, employment change,
   menopause, retirement etc… )
• Separation and divorce
• Stress in the workplace
• Traumas of all types

This holistic and integrative approach to psychotherapy / counselling is highly effective in promoting healing for those experiencing:

• Chronic pain
• Physical or mental challenges
• Spiritual crisis

It can address a variety of symptoms such as:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Fears
• Sleeping problems

Counselling can be conducted in French or in English.

Follow-up and/or ongoing support is offered by phone as suitable.

Information about sessions and rates

To inquire about counselling services for adults, please contact Marie-José.

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