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Counselling Services at the Centre For Expressive Therapy in Parksville      
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Counselling Services in Parksville

Counselling services and psychotherapy are available for children, youth and adults. The therapeutic methods used are based on Holistic Expressive Therapy, an integrative approach that takes into consideration the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of the client. It was developed by Marie-José Dhaese to help individuals of all ages to not only cope with their life challenges but to learn and grow from them.

The emphasis is on helping clients connect to their own inner strengths and resources, before engaging in a deeper exploration of the issues that bring them to counselling.

Each method is used according to age, natural inclination and the unique struggles, needs and life circumstances of the individual.

Counselling Services For Adults

Although verbal counseling is the usual primary mode of therapy used with adults, expressive therapies can help them further explore difficult issues that words sometimes cannot reach. Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, images are created through drawing, painting, collage, sewing, photography, writing, working in clay or sand play. These images are then reflected upon for the purpose of finding solutions to underlying issues. Body centered guided imagery is also used when appropriate.
Counselling Services for Adults
Counselling Services For Children Counselling Services For Children

The younger children are, the more limited is their ability to express themselves verbally; but through play they can show what they think, feel and how they experience and understand the world in which they live. Just as adults talk things out, children play things out. Since play is the natural means of expression for children, the most effective mode of therapy for them is play therapy.

Areas of Speciality

Expressive Therapy has proven to be particularly helpful to children and adults experiencing the consequences of a variety of stresses and traumatic experiences, including:

• Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)
• Accidents, illness and hospitalization
• Attachment issues, foster care, adoption
• Grief, loss, bereavement
• Life transitions (moves, employment change, menopause, retirement)
• Separation and divorce
• Stress in the workplace
• Traumas of all types

Expressive Therapy is highly effective in promoting healing for those experiencing:

• Autism spectrum
• Chronic pain
• Physical or mental challenges
• Spiritual crisis
• Withdrawn, overactive, controlling or aggressive behaviour

and can address a variety of symptoms such as:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Fears
• Sleeping problems

Counselling can be conducted in French or in English at The Centre for Expressive Therapy located in Parksville, British Columbia. The Centre serves its surrounding communities of Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Duncan, Courtenay, Ladysmith, Gabriola Island, Denman Island and Hornby Island.   

Follow-up and/or ongoing support is offered by phone as suitable.

Information about sessions and rates

To inquire about counselling services, please contact Marie-José.

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