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Healing Retreats

For more intensive work, or if you are not located on Central Vancouver Island, a two to five-day Healing Retreat can be arranged. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the Centre offers a safe haven in which to reconnect with your innate wisdom and creativity, thus opening to new ways of meeting life's challenges.

A Healing Retreat consists of a set of daily therapy sessions anywhere from two to five hours long.

Outside of therapy is a time for nurture. Whether you choose to lie on the beach, go for a walk or a swim, or try your hand at kayaking – the rest of the day is yours to plan.

Retreats are available all year round allowing you to choose the season best suited to your schedule and/or your recreational interests.

Healing Retreats can be from one to five days, for 3 to 5 hours per day and charged by hourly rate. Click here for more information on rates. Food and accommodations are not included.

Parksville is a world class destination surrounded by endless beaches and rainforests. Accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to the simplicity of a provincial campground are all within easy access to The Centre for Expressive Therapy.

Telephone support and follow-up sessions can be arranged to support the work done at the Centre.

Please do not wear any scented products as the playroom is a scent free zone in consideration for those suffering from environmental allergies.

Please contact Marie-José to book your Healing Retreat.

Healing Retreats

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